Ink-Cartridge Market to Record Sturdy Growth by 2027

Global 3D Technology Market
Global 3D Technology Market

The demand for an enhanced coloured printing techniques were met with the introduction of ink-cartridges as ink-cartridge focus on clear and high quality coloured printing. Ink-cartridges uses two technologies – thermal and piezoelectric. In a thermal ink-cartridge, a heating element is present in each partition of ink reservoir, with a tiny metal plate or resistor. Printing might be hindered if the ink starts to dry out or the level of ink becomes very low. While piezoelectric cartridge makes use of piezoelectric signal instead of the heating element.

The overall ink cartridge market might witness a decline with the introduction of digitalization and innovations in technology as more enhanced printing components and laser tones. The changes in printing techniques, Wi-Fi networks, increasing use of mobile devices and screen-based applications might be a reason contributing to the decline in global ink-cartridge market.

Ink-Cartridge Market: Drivers and Restraints

The launch of inkjet hardcopy peripherals offering ink-tanks that have extremely high page yield at very low cost of print per page are the significant developments in the ink-cartridge market. These enhancements are expected to support the global ink-cartridge market resulting into its overall global demand. The decline in the prices of ink-cartridge are further going to increase the demand of ink-cartridges. In addition to this, user’s transition from tri-colour cartridges to ink-cartridges, for a higher quality printing has resulted into increasing adoption of ink-cartridges.

Introduction of laser tones have resulted into a decline in the demand for ink cartridge, because of the enhanced features provided by laser tones. This is the primary factor restraining the global ink cartridge market.

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Ink-Cartridge Market: Market Segmentation

Global Ink-Cartridge Market can be divided into the following segments – based on type and applications.

Segmentation on basis of Type for Ink-Cartridge Market:

The major segments of Ink-Cartridge market on basis of Type include:

  • One-piece Ink-Cartridge: In this type, each component consist of an outlet port through which the ink is passed
  • Split type Ink Cartridge: In this type, every component does not have its outlet port, instead multiple components have one outlet port for feeding the ink. Split type ink cartridge can further be sub-segmented into single color and multi-color

Segmentation on basis of End-User Industry forInk-Cartridge Market:

The major segments of Ink-Cartridge market on basis of applications include:

  • Governmental
  • Commercial
  • Others

Global Ink-Cartridge Market Technology Regional Overview

APAC and Latin America, in comparison with other regions, are expected to witness a higher growth in the ink-cartridge market. A decline in the growth of ink-cartridge market is expected in Europe and North America because of the introduction of printers with enhanced quality

Global Ink-Cartridge Key Players

Some of the major Ink-Cartridge global players include HP Development Company, L.P., Seiko Epson Corporation, SAMSUNG, Canon, Panasonic Corporation, Dell, Xerox Corporation, Lexmark International, Inc. and Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

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